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Areas We Provide HVAC Services in Idaho


Twin Falls County, ID

Buhl, ID | Castleford, ID | Filer, ID | Hansen, ID | Hollister, ID | Kimberly, ID | Murtaugh, ID | Rogerson, ID | Twin Falls, ID

Minidoka County, ID

Acequia, ID | Burley, ID | Heyburn, ID | Minidoka, ID | Paul, ID | Rupert, ID

Blaine County, ID

Bellevue, ID | Carey, ID | Hailey, ID | Ketchum, ID | Sun Valley, ID

Cassia County, ID

Albion, ID | Burley, ID | Declo, ID | Malta, ID | Oakley, ID

Lincoln County, ID

Dietrich, ID | Richfield, ID | Shoshone, ID

Jerome County, ID

Eden, ID | Hazelton, ID | Jerome, ID

Gooding County, ID

Bliss, ID | Gooding, ID | Hagerman, ID | King Hill, ID | Wendell, ID

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The heating systems which you decide to install in your Idaho home will have to be of the right size. After all, you are seeking to heat up your entire home. The unit should not be oversized. An oversized unit would lead to overheating at times when the weather is not too cold. You would also need to check to see how much heat is being lost through the walls and windows of your home. Then you will be able to determine the size for the heating system that you should install. The system should be able to handle the winter heat load needed in Idaho. After all, you should not face a breakdown in the middle of severe cold weather. You will also need to look for something that is cost effective and of high quality.

Home Heating & Air Conditioning - Idaho HVAC Contractor

When Home Heating & Air Conditioning sends a technician to your Idaho home you can rest assured that you are getting a highly professional and skilled technician who will evaluate and determine the cause of your problem. He will always give you a "Straight Forward Price" with options before any work begins, that way you know exactly what it costs and what is going to be done. There are no surprises. Our service technicians are the cream of the crop. They arrive on time and always clean up after themselves.


Water Heaters

A broken water heater makes life uncomfortable. It can be confusing to choose between repair or replacement; electric, gas or tankless models; and water heater capacity. We'll explain all your options.


Home Heating & Air Conditioning plumbing and heating services, repairs, replaces and installs hot water heaters. We're a trusted plumber and carry the latest technology, like tankless water heaters and instant hot water dispensers. Idaho tankless water heaters save money because you don't pay to keep heating water you aren’t using. If you have a 8-10 year old water heater, replace it and save energy costs.

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Tankless Water Heaters

There are two main types of Idaho tankless water heating units: electric powered and gas-fired. Gas-fired units are able to generate a higher flow than electric units.

Tankless water heaters in produce hot water by heating an element which heats the water as it passes across the element on its way to the tap. Because no water is actually stored in a tank and constantly heated to keep it at a standard temperature a significant energy savings is achieved by changing to tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters do not cause leaks and flooding due to cracking of the storage tank or a leak in a key pipe because no water is being stored.

Because tankless heaters only process 2 to 5 gallons of water per minute, they can reach capacity at times of heavy use, such as running the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time or running an appliance while showering. This can be avoided by installing a booster unit or by installing separate units for certain appliances.


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